About Miss Stephanie

Miss Stephanie is a voodoo medicine woman who studied in a small town in Louisiana.  Long ago, Miss Stephanie specialized in preparing potions to cure common ailments.  During one particularly bad Louisiana storm, Miss Stephanie was up late preparing a healing tea for one of the locals when a knock came at the door.  There in the doorway stood a large, very ugly and very smelly zombie!  Miss Stephanie slammed the door in his face and quickly whipped up one of her potions.  When that persistent zombie knocked again, Miss Stephanie was prepared, spray in hand.  Sure enough, the zombie went running to tell all his friends that the town’s medicine woman created a potion strong enough to turn all those pesky ghouls into sweet, friendly creatures.  The next day, the wise medicine woman created potions for all the local townspeople, and that night, all the children slept peacefully.  Today, Miss Stephanie is currently employed as the Chief Potions Officer of Miss Stephanie’s Potions, and continues creating products that empower children to take charge of their fears and deal with their anxieties naturally. 



Coincidentally, the Founder and CEO of Miss Stephanie’s Potions shares the same name as the voodoo medicine woman who creates the potions, but not quite the same magic. 

Stephanie Corey has her M.B.A. from Lehigh University, and B.A. in Economics from Wilkes University.  Stephanie started her career as a Financial Consultant and later moved into Corporate Finance, where she was employed at Hewlett Packard for 11 years as the Financial Operations Manager for Legal, and then ultimately the Chief of Staff to the General Counsel.  She is currently ecstatically employed as CEO of Miss Stephanie’s Potions.

Stephanie is the stepmother to two awesome kids, mother to one crazy one, and wife to a fourth.  She lives in California, splitting her time between Redwood City and Santa Cruz, and dreams of becoming a beach bum.

Message from Stephanie Corey, Founder + CEO

Dear customers, in an effort to help my young son cope with his fears about going to bed at night, I worked with a team of people (including the fabulous medicine woman) to create a line of products to help children fall asleep naturally.  When I handed my son that very first bottle of zombie spray, I was amazed by the result.  His face lit up, he ran to his room, sprayed the windows and doors (paying especially close attention to the doorknob, as we know how zombies always are polite enough to use the doorknob), and for the first time in months, fell asleep in his own bed!  The nighttime routine was cut from a very stressful 90 minutes down to a completely zen 30!

It dawned on me that other children and parents may benefit from my findings, and as I started to speak to friends and co-workers, I realized just how many children suffer from anxieties, especially around bedtime.  Our products give your children a completely natural way to become empowered and take charge of their anxieties.  Evidence from holistic studies suggests that essential oils do have a calming effect on kids and adults alike, and having the ability to spray them directly on their specific fears will empower any kid, not to mention make their rooms smell really nice!  

We are committed to putting our customers first, and the planet a very close second.  Our sprays and bath & body products are all natural and we do not use any caustic chemicals.  We use local artists for our designs as well as our website and T-shirts, and our sprays and bath & body products are manufactured by a certified green manufacturer right here in the good ol’ USA.  And of course we never test on animals. 

We hope you and your family enjoy our products and we are always open to suggestions.  Please send me an email at Stephanie@MissStephaniesPotions.com.  I guarantee a quick response! 


Our Commitment to Natural Ingredients

We only use natural ingredients in our Sprays and Bath & Body products, and our products are Leaping Bunny certified!


We've listed our ingredients with the Environmental Working Group, and here are the reports on our Bath Products:

Bath & Body Wash



Our Commitment to Social Responsibility

At Miss Stephanie's Potions, we are committed to the wellbeing of children in every sense of the word.  To demonstrate that commitment, we give a portion of our proceeds to organizations supporting children, such as:

Smile Train, offering free cleft palate surgery for children

Sophie's Heart, offering hope and support for families of children with congenital heart defects

Women for Women International, helping victimized mothers to get training and jobs in order to take care of their children

It Gets Better Project, helping to reduce youth depression and suicide by supporting LGBT teens 

Tipping Point Community, who funds the most effective poverty-fighting organizations across six Bay Area counties.