Client Testimonials

"The moment my children were introduced to Miss Stephanie's Voodoo sprays they fell in love with them. They were excited to work the spray into their bedtime routine. The security of having a monster spray and the soothing aroma have really helped them be calmer when going to sleep. I would recommend this product for any children who are nervous at bedtime."  –Brandi P., mother of three in Napa, CA


“Awesome!  It really works -- and it smells good, too.”  Livie, age 8 in Macungie, PA


“No more bad dreams!”  Annie, age 5 in Macungie, PA


"My children LOVE Miss Stephanie's sprays! Any fears they experience at bedtime simply vanished after using them, and a bonus is that they smell fantastic too. My 5 year old son feels so empowered by them he suggested his friend use them too when he heard he was afraid of ghosts. He ensured his friend "they work!" We are happy with this product and would buy this again and recommend it to friends. Also, thank you for being a Green Company and supporting environmentally sound business practices. Miss Stephanie's products get my vote all the way around!"  Jennifer, mother of 2 in Napa, CA


"My granddaughter Melissa loved the fairy spray.  I told her that if she sprayed it in her room before she went to sleep that fairies would come in the middle of the night and give her kisses.  She told her mom that she was going to use the spray in both her room and her mom’s room that night so that the fairies would come.  She was SO excited.  Thanks for helping me to make Melissa’s birthday special!"  Emily, grandmother of 3 in Boulder Creek, CA


“Indeed, while our zombie problem was minimal (appearances only every other night or so), we knew we had to do something before things got out of hand.  Miss Stephanie’s Zombie Be Good spray could not have come at a better time.  With just a few sprays around the windows, our zombie problem vanished entirely.  Thanks, Miss Stephanie!”  Jay, father of 4 year old Fineas D. in San Rafael, CA


"I purchased the Fairy Attracting Spray for my daughter Emily. The second she saw the bottle, a huge grin spread across her face and she couldn't wait to go spray it in her room! She has been having so much fun with it! In a day when kids are forced to grow up too quickly, tend to lose their innocence earlier, and often spend an inordinate time in front of a TV or computer screen of some is refreshing to find a natural product that encourages their innocent belief in all-things-magical, and inspires creativity. Thank you Miss Stephanie!"  Andi, mother of 2 in Redwood City, CA


"Thanks so much Miss Stephanie for creating your amazing Fairy Dust Spray! Octavia is so happy to go to bed and be visted by fairies!"  Melody, mother of 2 in Corralitos, CA

"I was thinking my daughter at nine years old might be a little too old for this sort of thing, but I thought it might be worth a try. She's afraid of Vampires (thanks, Scooby Doo). When I gave the Vampire spray to her she was so excited! She said "This stuff is pure genius! Who thought of this? I've always been afraid of Vampires." At bed time she sprayed some on her jammies, each side of the bed, and the doorway. I reminded her not to forget the window, too. In the morning we could tell it worked, No Vampires!" Kathleen, mother of Alison in Mountain View, CA


"Your package came at just the right time because Jason was home sick from school when it arrived.  It made the little guy so happy!  He ran around the house right away and sprayed under every bed and in every closet, so we are fully protected.  And he wore his shirt to school today.  Thanks for the excellent customer service!"  Angie, mother of Jason in Toronto, Canada


"I just bought your Monster Armor Bath & Body Wash and Monster Be Good Spray and wanted to let you know that my 7 year old son Dylan LOVES them!  That evening he could not wait to get into the bath and spray his room to clear all the monsters.  Last night he took a bath on his own without any prompting!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating these products!  You've made bedtime so much smoother!"  Kaela, mother of 7 year old Dylan in Watsonville, CA



I just wanted to let you know that my 7yr old son Dylan, LOVES it! That evening he could not wait to get into the bath and spray his room to clear all the monsters. Last night, he took a bath on his own, without any prompting. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating this product, you've made bedtime so much smoother! I wish you the best success!