Monster Be Good Gang

Meet the Monster Be Good Gang



Message from Miss Stephanie

Bonjou, mes chéris!  Good day, my dear customers, and especially my dear little children!  Miss Stephanie knows you sometimes you have trouble sleeping because you hear creaks in the floor, cracks in the walls, and the wind blowing the trees outside.  Then your mind starts thinking nasty thoughts, no?  Mwen regret sa!  I’m so sorry you have those bad thoughts.  But fear not!  I am always creating new potions that will protect you and give you happy thoughts and sweet dreams!



The brave and fearless leader of the Monster Be Good Gang, Soapwort is a dedicated swordsman and martial artist.  However, Soapwort hates getting dirty and is considered by his friends to be somewhat of a germaphobe, and thus helped Miss Stephanie create bath products that not only get children clean, they keep children protected from all kinds of monsters.  His favorite hobbies are playing freeze tag, jumping on trampolines, and of course taking bubble baths.  





Draco, the brainier of the Monster Be Good Gang, has PhDs in Philosophy, Old World History and Quantum Physics.  He is currently working on an advanced degree in programming in C, C++ and JavaScript so that he can fulfill his dream of becoming an application developer.  Although Draco can fly, he’s afraid of heights and prefers to spend his time reading and playing video games.  Miss Stephanie found Draco stuck in a tree and offered him work helping to design her potions.





Fleabane is the comedian of the Monster Be Good Gang.  He first came to Miss Stephanie for help in finding a potion that would cure his allergies.  Although she has him on a steady diet of Butterbur and Stinging Nettles, he does still have the occasional itch.  Fleabane is lactose intolerant and allergic to nuts.  His favorite pastime is doing stand-up comedy and his favorite food is non-dairy ice cream.





Although a successful entrepreneur in life, the zombie state of being has made Wormwood a bit absent-minded.  Miss Stephanie often tells Wormwood that he would forget his head if it wasn’t attached (and sadly has forgotten it - more than once).  Wormwood’s hobbies are eating pizza and surfing at midnight. 





If Mugwort looks a bit like a booger to you, that’s because she is one.  Well, about 85% booger anyway.  Where Mugwort goes, she leaves a slimy trail behind.  Dirt, hair and bugs all seem to cling to Mugwort.  So much so that Soapwort spends a significant amount of time trying to get Mugwort to bathe.  It never happens.  However, Mugwort’s amazing culinary skills won over the rest of the Monster Be Good Gang instantly. She even makes hypo-allergenic dishes for Fleabane. 





One Monster Be Good Gang member that you won’t see too often is Shadberry.  Shy and often mistaken for Bigfoot when she does venture out of the house, Shadberry prefers small, confined spaces to keep her cozy and warm at night.  Shadberry’s favorite past time is creating inventions out of dust bunnies and listening to Fleabane tell jokes, which are often about Soapwort.  





Born in Louisiana, Sage began sprinkling her fairy dust around Miss Stephanie’s garden long before Miss Stephanie even became a full-fledged medicine woman.  Sage was attracted to the garden by the various plants and herbs Miss Stephanie always grew year round.  Although Soapwort is the leader of the Monster Be Good Gang, Sage’s spirited personality keeps everyone in line.  Miss Stephanie holds her as her most trusted advisor.  Sage’s favorite pastime is playing video games with Draco and teasing him that she can fly higher.